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The Multifunctional Creative Object

KOM is situated in Milicz in the loft interiors of an old small glasses factory.

Here, in the biggest manufacture of the glass Christmas tree ornaments, the handmade Christmas ornames were mafufacured which were exported to many countries in the whole world for over 50 years.
When the factory’s areas deserted there established an excellent place to creatibe thinking and art work, orientated in its offer for modern educational sullabuses for schools and kindergartens, creative plays for children, the place for business meetings and relax for tourists visiting the Barycz Valley.

A real attraction for the visitors is a Small Glass Chamber – the museum exposition of over 6000 patterns of Christamas tree ornaments and Drug Bolek Gallery – the Icebreaker 2009 including documentation, cups symbols, photographies as well as especially adapted sport equipment which was used by Bolesław Zajiczek, distinguished sportman and social worker from Milicz.

The connoisseurs of the art and design are attracked by the adaptation and design of industrial building from the half of the XX century. In 2013 KOM found itself in the first three of finalists of the Festival of Architecture Dofa’13 in the category Interior & Design. The prize was granted for creative animation of the factory’s building and emphasizing a vitality of new function with the colour.


Astrid Lindgren School

„Astrid Lindgren Elementary School” in Milicz established in September 2014. The body establishing and conducting the school is the Foundation KOM.

This school which transfers the knowledge and skills of the future, connecting the didactic function with the educational and care functions. The imperative idea of the school is developing an unlimited children’s imagination through the comprehensive development of the pupils in various fields of their talents, assuring the highest standard of education, inspiring and animating the creativity.

In our school creating and acknowledging are a common passion our pupils and teachers. We do not afraid of asking the questions, we look for the answers with a huge stubbornness. The knowledge for us is an adventure, challenge and quest of the knowledge’s treasure. Except the mathemtics, two foreign languages or computer graphics we also teach expressing our own opinion, solving complicated problems, good communication and cooperation.

The personnel of the school is distinguished by the high, professional qualifications within the scope of the pedagogy, psychology, art sciences and worldwide organizations management. The friendly and safe school area – spacious, modern and well equipped classes – gives ability to prepare and cinduct courses in the way allowing to the classes’ integration, in the project groups whether art actions.

The school KOM is a school where listen to out pupils’ needs as to find a key to their individuality and open them for the world. We belive that they will be always happy, responsible people with a full of passion.”


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