Bathroom and kitchen furniture

timeless functionality

Designed specifically for your comfort. Because a bathroom is a place where you don’t compromise.

Bathroom and kitchen furniture

timeless functionality

Designed specifically for your comfort. Because a bathroom is a place where you don’t compromise.

We forge ideas into
extraordinary brands

Furniture is not only an element of interior design or a means of storage. It’s the way of living and expressing yourself in the space you live in, which should be a space that suits you well. This is why we’ve created three unique furniture brands having in mind various interiors, tastes and needs.

bathroom furniture

When designing the collection of Defra furniture, we always focus on details and unprecedented form. However, we believe design in not only about appearance. In a bathroom, what truly matters are durability, ergonomics and the comfort of using.

bathroom furniture

Timeless patterns, functional systemic solutions will help you arrange a comfortable bathroom and, consequently, start and finish your day on a positive note.

kitchen furniture

A kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s a place we sometimes spend more time at than in our living room. FIG furniture will make you look at a kitchen from an entirely new perspective.


A modern
machine park

A regular modernisation and investments into our machine park not only let us continuously increase the volume of produced furniture. They also enable for better precision, which contributes to the final finish and high quality of our products.

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Ecologically aware

Investments into a state-of-the-art machine park, using latest production technology, care for the highest standards of environment protection are our top priorities. We’re the only Polish company in sanitary business to possess an ultramodern CEFLA TIF-40 reducer, which allows us to successfully limit the emission of the volatile organic compounds. Having said that, the production of our furniture does not have any negative impact on the environment or human health.

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Proud of our furniture,
responsible for our region

We believe that a wise and responsible business practice in the 21st century does not only focus on production and sales. Businesses of today should represent their founders’ philosophy, after all it’s their main and best advertisement.

For over a dozen of years, Defrans has been proudly supporting the local culture and education by creating two facilities unique on a national scale: The Creative Multifunctional Facility KOM, and Astrid Lindgren Charter Primary School.

A loft-style interior of a former Christmas ball factory in Milicz was rearranged to create the perfect space for creative thinking and working. Modern educational programs and the Bauble Chamber really make it a must-visit place!

An incredible building of an abandoned factory of Christmas balls, which has been adapted to establish an exceptional learning facility. It’s a school that employs modern teaching methods and makes children aware and sensitive about the surrounding nature and culture.

Exceptional look

We value not only the excellent look of our furniture, but also the long-lasting effect of it. We believe that a good project is the one that pleases the eye of its owner now and unchangeably after many years.

Designed with care

design in a bathroom

A bathroom is a particularly challenging interior. High humidity with limited space. Bathroom furniture needs to be a balanced combination of aesthetics, durability and technologically advanced solutions.

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