learn more about why you should start working with us and how the recruitment process proceeds



learn more about why you should start working with us and how the recruitment process proceeds

Who are we?

Our success comes down to the cumulative engagement of 500 exceptional people, many of whom have been with us since the beginning of the company and today constitute the foundation of our business.

As one of the largest employers in the region, we create a work-friendly environment where the employees feel comfortable and free to use their full potential. We are a trustworthy employer by creating long-lasting jobs based on fair, transparent rules within a professional organisational structure.

Our care for the employees and creating new, employee-friendly jobs has been appreciated by the awards won in the „ New jobs creator” contest organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

why should you


Deftrans is mainly about people. Most of our associates have been working with for years. We appreciate devotion and loyalty by creating a number of initiatives and programs dedicated to our employees.

So, if:

  • you’ve got positive energy, and you’re a person of optimism and openness
  • you enjoy working with people
  • you’re looking for a company that offers wide development opportunities
  • you care about responsibility, teamwork, respect and progress

the Deftrans is the


the Deftrans is the



offer you?


by working in a highly qualified team, we enhance the development of individual skills


we invest in people, appreciating their openness, engagement and ideas


A vast majority of people who start working with us, stay with us for years


why you should join us

1. We value friendly relations

We respect all of the employees, no matter their views, background, religion, culture. Our interpersonal relations are based on honesty, open-mindedness, friendly communication and sharing knowledge.

2. We offer different paths of development, promotion and career

It is entirely up to you wich job title will be on your business card in the next couple of years. Perhaps you’ll be a project leader, team leader or you’ll move to a totally different department? We appreciate your talent, engagement, initiative and the will to introduce changes.

3. We provide stable employment

A vast majority of people who start working with us, stay with us for many years. They shift job positions, not employers. We recognise the devotion and loyalty by creating a number of initiatives and programs dedicated to our employees.

4. We are a flexible, open-to-change company

We aim to create a work environment in which the person and creativity are put first. Is your head full of ideas? You reckon it’ll be better to employ a different solution? Go ahead, we’re open to your suggestions and comments!

5. We support employees’ development

Do you wish to learn from a more experienced work team? Working with us, you’ll have a chance to embrace the vast knowledge, skills and good practices of the more-experienced colleagues.


This is just the beginning of your journey…join our team and become a part of the family!

Who are we looking for?

If you’re ambitious, committed and enthusiastic about your work, you have the necessary knowledge and want to develop – join us!

Currently, we’re recruiting for the following posts.



Defrans Ltd. actively supports the educational activity of Astrid Lindgren Charter Primary School in Milicz, and Creative Multifunctional Facility KOM in Milicz. If you’re a person who likes working with children, and you’re well familiar with educational and creative practices – join the Creative crew today.


a few words about the recruitment process


We’re choosing the candidates who meet the job criteria.

The CV you’ve sent us reaches the HR department where it’s processed in terms of the requirements listed in the job profile. At this stage, we’re examining the candidate’s work experience, education, credentials, and we’re also analysing the covering letter.

Please make sure your CV does not contain any grammar or stylistic mistakes.



You’ll meet with a HR department representative, with whom you’ll talk about the job offer you’re interested in. We’d like to learn more about your previous professional experience and practical skills. Therefore, you can expect questions about your professional goals and aspirations, work motivation and your expectations concerning the job you’re applying for.

During the interview, you’re encouraged to ask us questions about the company, everyday work, our products or development opportunities. It’s very important as we believe this meeting is a mutual chance for both sides to get to know each other better. The recruitment and selection process may vary depending on the job you’re applying for. Your potential supervisor can, for example, ask you to complete a task concerning a given area, ask you about your specialised knowledge, or you can also take part in the AC session – assessment centre (you can find the definition and description HERE). In that way, it also becomes beneficial to you – working with us you can count on your colleagues’ knowledge and skills.

If required, you can be asked to attend a second meeting too.



We know it’s important to you. To us too 🙂

The decision on the proposed employment of the best candidate is made by the direct supervisor and consulted with all the people involved in the recruitment process.

Even if your application is rejected, we’ll always inform you about the result of the recruitment process.

And then…that’s it, you can relax now. You’re probably already a part of the team.

Would you like to apply
for a different job position?

If you’re not interested in any of the above positions but you wish to apply fo a job in our firm, please fill in a general form choosing: I’m interested in working in Deftrans company.

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